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The Englewood Camera Club is not responsible for the content on any third-party sites. The following sites are here because at the Englewood Camera Club we display for 1 year our Monthly Presenters along with a link to their website if they have one. Please enjoy viewing their sites.

** Click on the Date or Presenter's Name to see the Presenter's Website. **

Date Presenter
Sep 2023 Cole Thomson - Why Black & White? Photographic Vision
Aug 2023 Cliff Lawson - Veteran portrait project
Jul 2023 Dale Ralph - Infrared Photography
Jun 2023 Mike Wardynski - Mastering Composition
May 2023 Kah-Wai Lin - The Art of Long Exposure Photography
Apr 2023 Jesse Freidin - Social Issues
Mar 2023 Weldon Lee - Wildlife Photography
Feb 2023 Dawn Wilson - Churchill
Jan 2023 Bob Dean - Photographing Colorado Mountain Towns
Nov 2022 Angela Belt - Choosing media and approaches based on concepts and themes
Oct 2022 Joshua Hardin - TBD